Recovery Factors®

Save with Autoship

Get 10% Off Your Purchase When You Use Auto Ship!

What Is Autoship?

Autoship is the most convenient and cheapest way for you to get Recovery Factors®. We automatically ship you a resupply of it each 1-4 months (as you specify) and give you 10% off our regular price!

What If I’m Not Ready for a Re-Order?

Not a problem. It would be wasteful to refill your order if you haven’t run out yet. If you aren’t ready for your next order, simply login to you account at our website and pause your shipment, or make whatever changes you want — ship date, order quantity, or discontinue Autoship altogether.

How Do I Sign Up?

When adding Recovery Factors to your cart, simply check the option for "Autoship" option. You’ll receive 10% off on your first purchase and every shipment after that for as long as you continue to use the program. And you can quit at any time you like.