Recovery Factors


Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the supplement that I will be taking?
The product is derived entirely from porcine blood components (i.e., from pigs). This is a special unique herd that is raised humanely and in a very clean and healthy environment, as they are raised specifically for heart valves for human valve replacement surgery. It is predominantly a purified serum protein. We don’t know what the factors are unique to this treatment that result in its working so well. This is part of what we are researching. We have simply seen clinically that it has remarkable benefits.
Do I have to discontinue other treatments that I'm already on?
No, (with the exception of Coumadin) there is no need to stop any other supplements or medical treatments you might be taking.
Is this treatment expected to help sleep?
Yes, we are expecting that it will improve sleep.
Can I take other medications?
Yes, you can continue taking any medications and supplements you have already been on while in the study, with the exception of the blood thinner Coumadin.
Will I experience any side effects from the supplement?

This supplement is generally well tolerated. Even in people who don’t seem to tolerate much of anything. Occasionally, as your digestive tract recovers, there may be a small bit of intestinal upset followed by improvement in digestive function. If there are any side effects, come join us on our group discussion page at Recovery4 Me website, where the leading experts and others using the supplement will be guiding each other.

Will I be required to be on any special diets or diet restrictions?

No, there is no special diet that is required. However, we strongly recommend that you see our Dosing page, which includes some optional dietary recommendations that can be very helpful.

If I have mast cell activation, will my histamine levels be affected?
We don’t know if the product will affect histamine levels for those with mast cell activation. But we have not seen any significant adverse effects in this population who have taken the study supplement, many of which do have mast cell activation.
Does the study supplement contain gluten, soy, dairy, corn sugar or other food types that might be dangerous to people with food sensitivities? What other binders/fillers are used in making the product, and what are the capsules made of?
The binder used is cotton seed oil. There are no allergens whatsoever — no wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, corn, sugar or anything else added. The supplements are in tablet form, not capsules.
Is the study supplement organic?
There are different protocols associated with animals that are raised for food compared with those raised for specialized purposes, with the later being in a much more specialized environment. However, the “organic” label is not applied in the specialized environment. Animals may be treated for illness at some point, but there is a protocol for treatment, which involves separation from the heard and quarantine. Under those circumstances, it cannot be slaughtered or entered into the human food chain in any manner. Considering the half-life of antibiotics is measured in hours, with many common antibiotics having a half-life of less than an hour and nearly all antibiotics having a half-life of less than a day (with a few exceptions used solely on people), the antibiotics are metabolized long before any quarantine period is complete.
Is the study supplement free of antibiotics or added hormones? Does it contain shellfish?
We use specific screening processes to ensure that anything pathogenic or foreign is removed before we begin processing the material. It is processed and hermetically sealed in a vacuum, removing any possibility of outside contamination. It contains no shellfish. The only added ingredient is cotton seed oil, which we have been using for over a decade and found to be a good compliment to the product.
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