Recovery Factors®


Dosing Protocols

Based on clinical observations,, the first 3 days areimportant, as it relates to dosing.  Since the product is easily used up during this period,  we make the following recommendations:

Day 1-3: Take 4 tablets, 3 times a day (12 total tablets per day) for 3 days.

Day 4-5: Take note of your overall symptoms. If no relief is experienced, then take note of energy levels. If energy levels at least are improved, then continue the same dosage for day 4 and 5. If no energy improvement, increase the dosage to 5 tablets, 3 times a day for day 4 and 5 (15 total tablets per day). Increased energy levels are the usual barometer that the person has taken enough — it is possible that it is all used up in the body and there isn’t enough excess for increased energy levels.

Day 6: Drop to 4 tablets twice per day (8 total tablets per day). If relief is not already felt by then, it is simply going to take longer but one needs to be patient. For most people there should be some sort of relief at this point, so one to two bottles will be enough to tell you if it’s going to help you.


It is recommended to take the doses first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and around 3 pm in the afternoon. For a small number who have too much energy at night or occasional anxiety (as in the one case in a thousand who feels agitation — perhaps as a result of too much serotonin), take it closer to lunch time or with lunch. The excess amino acids are then used up normalizing the impact.

Mitigating Factors

  • There is a difference between active people and sedentary people. We have seen that the sooner people become active (even mildly active), the more they improve.
  • Exercise does consume the protein, which is then used for repair and recovery of damage caused by the exercise as well as the rest of the functionality. Taking higher doses with strenuous exercise is recommended.
  • Taking it on an empty stomach and with food does make a difference to the person and how they respond. For most, taking it on an empty stomach does give  a better outcome.
  • There are a few people who feel nauseous when taking higher dosages or when taking on an empty stomach. In the past, the answer has been to either take it with a meal or take very small doses more regularly, which in a lot of cases helped people overcome the nausea and within a couple weeks were able to resume the higher dose.


  • Increasing overall water intake is recommended, unless already quite high.
  • For some people, a change in the diet helped. We then developed the following dietary protocol which had excellent outcomes. For the first 3 days, have absolutely nothing but a "neutral fruit/vegetable" diet consisting of fresh neutral fruits and an oil such as avocado oil, coconut or olive oil, "neutral fruit/vegetables" being:
    • Tomatoes
    • Cucumbers
    • Red Bell Peppers
    • Avocados
    • Lettuce (not a fruit, but always added – being cleansing and turning the meal into a proper salad)
  • No diet changes are required for the product to work, but people often voluntarily change their diet including the reduction of sugar intake.

For Athletes

The most we have given anyone was 40 tablets in one day, given to an ultra-marathon runner before and during a 110 km ultra-marathon in Vietnam. He improved his time from the previous year by 1.5 hours and had no muscle pain the next day. We can conclude with a high level of certainty that the regular dose (6-8 tablets) would not have given him the same level of benefit.

We have what we call a "sports protocol," requiring the individual is to take half the dosage 20-30 minutes before exercise, and the other half immediately after. This type of dosing seems to help improve performance and recovery. If there is a lot of endurance required, typically an additional half dosage would be taken halfway through the event (especially in the case of a marathon or cycle race), giving the athletes what they call  a "fresh pair of legs."

Side Effects

This supplement is usually well tolerated, even for people who seem to be sensitive to a variety of substances. Occasionally though we do see nausea or what we refer to as overstimulation.

For maintenance, the vast majority of people do best with the mid-range dose, four tablets twice a day. There are occasions, although very few and far between, when people respond to different dosages. We had one situation where a female participant was taking 4 tablets a day and feeling aggravated moods, changing her to two a day — one in the morning, one in the afternoon — flipped the moods around and she was then in a good mood.

There have been times when a few people have felt nauseous (usually they have been taking the dosage all at once). Splitting the dosage over the day — in one case it was split into 2 tablets 4 times a day — gave them the benefits and eliminated the  nausea.