Recovery Factors


What Our Study Participants Say

Below are some of the comments made by people who participated in our study. We choose not to mention specific illnesses, but each of these people had disabling exhaustion, pain, insomnia, and brain fog when they entered the study.

  • A boost in energy

    "This supplement has been one of the most positive things to happen to me in years. I’ve had an increase in energy and a drop in underlying fatigue. It has helped noticeably."

    — Jason
  • A life changing supplement

    "The benefits began from day one and after a few days I had more energy, less pain, better mood, improved immune system, and less brain fog. After taking the supplement for six weeks, I can’t imagine not taking it and returning to the way I’ve felt for over 20 years! It is really a life changing supplement!"

    — Jennifer
  • Improved fatigue beginning on day one

    "I’ve tried many treatments for my fatigue issues in the past 20 years, but nothing made such an immediate impact as Recovery Factors. I experienced a reduction in symptoms on the FIRST day. My energy levels and overall feeling of wellness has increased steadily since then and I’m excited to see how much better I can feel as I go forward. While I know that a single treatment modality does not work for everyone, Recovery Factors has made the single biggest difference of anything I’ve tried. I strongly encourage anyone dealing with fatigue issues to give Recovery Factors a try!"

    — Christy
  • Reduces brain fog

    "The improvement in mental clarity is great!"

    — Lorna
  • Quickened recovery times

    "This is definitely worth trying as it seemed to improve the amount I could do and helped my recovery from periods of exertion."

    — Joyce
  • Renewed strength and better sleep

    "It’s helped my physical weakness, shakiness, digestion and sleep as well as my ability to handle stress. Well worth trying. Grateful to have been included in the trial."

    — Lindy
  • A great experience

    "This study was a great experience. I look forward to continuing to use Recovery Factors. I highly recommend it as it has helped me tremendously."

    — Keith
  • Improvement in hair and nails

    "My hairdresser says that my hair grows about 50% faster than the anyone else’s hair that he cuts. I also trim my nails every two to three days because they grow so fast."

    — Stephanie
  • A supplement that actually helps

    "Recovery Factors is the first supplement I’ve tried that truly helps. And believe me, I’ve tried very many!"

    — Maria
  • Much improved sleep after years of difficulty

    "After over 30 years of severe insomnia (two to six hours sleep per night, with an average of four), a few weeks after I began taking the Recovery Factors tablets I started to get a full eight hours sleep on many nights (though not every night). I’ve even slept nine hours or more a few times, which is unheard of for me. I had tried everything I could find to help me sleep, and nothing worked well until this."

    — Cheryl
  • Boosted energy and focus

    "I think the biggest area of improvement will come for those needing a boost in energy and focus. Because of better focus, I recently had one of my most productive work months in a long time."

    — Ron
  • Another report of improved sleep

    "Poor sleep has been a battle for me for many years. But it’s improved remarkably during this study!"

    — Melissa
  • Less achy, less foggy, even less grouchy

    "Recovery Factors helped me feel more like myself, the way I imagine I would feel if I were able to get a good 10 hours of sleep a night for a week. Less achy, less foggy, less forgetful, more energized and less grouchy!"

  • Major improvement in sleep

    "This had a really amazing effect on my sleep disorder. I’d been struggling for over 10 years and have now seen a major improvement."

    — Babette
  • It worked and I want more

    "Thank you so much! I have been nearly incapacitated at times for a number of years. I am panicking about not having more to take!"

    — Loraine
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